UIFA Net Mail(外国語電子メール配信サービス)

The Urayasu International Friendship Association has started a service to send
information to non-Japanese using cell phones and PCs, which is called
‘UIFA Net Mail’. You will receive useful information such as updates on fun events
and important notices for your daily life.
If you are interested in getting these updates and information, please see the
following instructions below and register your e-mail address.

HOW TO REGISTER (とうろくのやりかた)

  1. Please choose the language, ’easy Japanese’ or ’English.’
    You will receive the information in whichever language
    you choose.
  2. Send a blank e-mail to:
  3. Then you will receive a reply confirming your registration.
  4. When the registration is completed, you will receive a message, “Thank you for registering”

HOW TO CANCEL(とうろくを やめるとき)

You can cancel at any time.

  1. Send a blank e-mail to:
  2. When the cancellation is completed, you will receive a message,


* If your cell-phone is set to block junk mail, please change the setting to accept mail from
ejp@uifa-urayasu.jp / ejpcan@uifa-urayasu.jp
eng@uifa-urayasu.jp / engcan@uifa-urayasu.jp
* Inquiries Urayasu International Friendship Association